I am a painter and printmaker working in Suffolk, drawing inspiration from the land, gardens and buildings.

All of the scenes that I have chosen to depict are locations that are meaningful, in terms of identity and sense of place. They are places I have discovered or known well and love dearly.

Starting with sketches and notes made on location, I use these as reference when developing finished pieces in the studio. When painting, I’m not trying to achieve incredible detail of a place but more trying to find it’s character and vitality. The prints are developed through a combination of relief printing techniques, building up layers of colour. The inherent qualities of my materials are exploited to create dramatic and expressive images.

Born in 1991, I have lived in Suffolk all my life. With the exception of studying Fine Art at Aberystwyth University in Wales where I was deeply inspired by the rugged, dramatic landscape and seascape. I grew up surrounded by artists, with artist parents running a local gallery. At University I specialised in printmaking, concentrating on woodcuts and lithography, sometimes combining the two. From the graduate show, I was selected to exhibit in ‘Graduate 13’, an exhibition at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Now I share a garden studio with my Dad and show my work in a small selection of galleries and exhibitions.