2 thoughts on “Winding Lane

  1. HI! I saw your work in Lavenham at the Lion House Gallery. Lovely! I am interested in purchasing your work. I see from this site that you don’t do large editions, which is nice. That said, where can I see what is available ?
    Another question: are these multiple blocks or reductive?
    Heidi Pickett


    1. Hi Heidi,
      Thank you for your kind words about my work and so sorry for my slow reply!
      I do a mixture of multiple blocks and reductive although most are multiple blocks. The wood engravings are just one block.
      I use my website as a place to show the majority of my work old and new so not all of the prints are still available. It is more of a showcase of my work.
      I am working on updating my website to show which are still available. In the meantime it is best to look for my work at The Lion House or email me on amiehaslen@gmail.com to ask about specific prints. If you let me know the ones you would like to look at and i have a copy I will take them to Lion House for you to see as I live near by.
      Thank you,


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